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Hi, I'm Julian. I'm an introverted product-lover, not a natural salesperson at all, and yet I have successfully done sales for over 20 years, closed deals worth a total of $5Mio+ and built hundreds of client relationships worldwide.If you are a solopreneur or businessperson
- and need customers,
- but you are not a typical salesperson,
- and don't want to apply pushy methods,
- but stay true to your values,
- and have less stress selling,
I may have some experiences to share with you:
How to find your personal strength in sales, have sincere and rewarding conversations, close deals but the right deals, with the right customers, on your terms, with less and less stress.
Done wrong, sales really sucks.
But done right, sales brings out the best in you.
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About Me

Julian Ziesing

I'm a market researcher and product manager, but sales has always been part of my various roles:- selling newspaper ads in school
- NGO promotion during my studies
- Partner and Account Manager in a global market research firm
- trading real estate
- acquisition for my own recruiting academy
Sales has worked miracles not only for my businesses, but also my confidence, energy level, knowledge, and network.Over years of practice, I found ways to sell while staying true to my personality, values and motivation. And I’d like to share with you how that worked.No act, no manipulation, no self-suppression.I wish more people did sales because good products deserve to be seen.Let's not leave sales up to the "professionals"! Everyone can sell. And: being bad at it can even be your biggest strength.

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